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Impact Digital Marketing Group has Redefined the Art and Science of Digital Marketing.

Where other firms lead with fancy buzzwords, we have a singular focus: getting your practice more business and making you more money.

Marketing starts by putting you front and center for any prospective patient, continues by making sure that your entire digital presence and processes convert them into paying patients, and ends by creating systems to retain and continue to monetize your base of patients while growing new lines of business.

Our process is an exact science, using proprietary algorithms, patent pending technology, and data analysis to come up with the most effective strategy for getting new patients in the door on a given day. Where other firms run the same play, our technology is constantly analyzing data for your specific practice and procedures to make you top of mind for any prospective patient.

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Why do I need SEO?

SEO Domination

We believe any practice can rank in the top 3 results with the right team and (SEO) strategy.

Conversion Optimization

We focus on getting you traffic and making sure that that traffic turns into paying patients.


Focused on developing the sophisticated 360 web presence necessary to dominate the online market.

The Impact WPO Difference...

Lead Generation in Your Market

Typically “SEO” is an add on for other companies they will provide some basic tasks and tell you your website is optimized.  We believe any practice can rank in the top 3 results with the right team.  It may take some time, but that position is definitely worth it.

Our algorithms and patent pending technology help us scientifically move your site up in Google’s general search rankings, as well as local search. Where other firms only focus on one aspect of optimization, we focus on optimizing your rankings in Google Maps and other places that users will go to as well.

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  • You Don't Find Us, We Find You!
  • Digital Marketing SEO Strategy Related to Your Expertise

Web Presence Optimization (WPO).

  • Does the website build enough credibility for them to call your office?
  • Does the telephone call result in scheduling a consultation?
  • Does the consultation translate into a patient?
  • What are your conversion numbers?
  • What formerly lost revenue would each percentage point improvement in conversion bring in to your business?

These are the numbers that we work through with you in order to make your practice as profitable as it possibly can be. Where others only focus on getting traffic in the door, we know that traffic without conversions is the equivalent of pouring water into a leaky bucket. Our approach focused on getting you traffic and then making sure that as much of that traffic as possible turns into paying patients.

Paid Advertising

We dynamically balance organic traffic and paid traffic to meet your business goals. Eventually, using our proprietary data analysis, we are able to enhance the quality and volume of your traffic, while lowering the cost of it over time. Paid advertising gets good initial traffic and data to work off of, but huge paid traffic budgets over time often become extremely inefficient with low return on investment. Our technology helps us ensure that if you are spending on paid advertising, you will be making a strategic investment with targeted, positive ROI.

We design comprehensive SEO solutions for the complex needs of the medical & dental industries.

Medical SEO

While there are many different techniques that can be used to increase traffic and conversions, most of these do not work in the medical field. Google is especially particular when it comes to medical results in this category. They want to ensure that the best content is being delivered to their users due to the high level of importance.

All of our web content is reviewed by doctors and medical professionals to ensure that it is correct. It is also reviewed by our content experts to make sure that it accomplishes the goal in the best way possible.


Dental SEO

The competition for dental patients is fierce, and with more and more prospective patients going to the internet to find the right dentist, you need to control your web presence and dominate your space. 

We help you rise to the top in both local and wider search terms with data-driven insights that will guide our daily strategy and make the most efficient use of your time and resources.

What We Do

We focus on helping leaders in their fields increase their revenues and their outreach. You’re the best at what you do; you should lead the market. 

Who We ARE

We only work with the best, and we refuse to have any conflicts of interest within our client base for this reason. 


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