You May Be Thinking…

-“I have great reviews”-You’re right. Great reviews are a wonderful testimonial to the excellent work you do, but they don’t matter if patients can’t find you. 99.22% of prospective patients searching for a surgeon on Google never make it to the second page of results. If you are not on Page one, your odds of being found or having anyone see your reviews are negligible. We put you in a position where patients can see your sterling reputation.

-I have a great referral business”-Of course you do; you’re the best at what you do. If we look at how the future is trending, patients are choosing their doctors by going online and doing searches to find the right doctor for them. As people become more and more hooked into technology and the internet, this is going to become the largest source of patients for your practice…or your competitor’s practice. 

-”It’s different with the kind of surgery that I do”-Patients do not take a referral or a recommendation as Gospel anymore. they do their own research to make sure that you are the best choice, and we make sure that they feel like you are the best choice. Patients should be impressed by your web presence. They should feel lucky to get to see you after they read up on you online, not like they’re rolling the dice based on an old website and poor reviews.

-”Most of my patients come from word of mouth”-They start by word of mouth, but after they hear about you, they have to make it through the mine field. They might scour every review site; they may check to see your press and content. They may even do a general search to see what other doctors are out there. If they do a search for your procedure in your area and they can’t find you, they may think “How good can they be if they don’t even show up on Google?”. We want to make sure you convert even more of your word of mouth referrals and patients.

-”My referrals haven’t dropped”- That’s great. Are they growing? When your business is valued and you go to sell, will they see and increase in the number of referrals in new patients, or will it be plateaued? Are you getting new referrals sources? Do you have all of the business that you could want? Another concern is what would happen if you take on a junior partner? Would you be able to provide them a stream of patients to grow their patient base? When you sell your business, referrals are more tenuous because they can change overnight. Your web presence and the consistent channels that we build up are an evergreen source of business, regardless of referring doctors. 

-”I already pay for advertising”-Advertising is an excellent way to build brand awareness. People will know your practice and recognize your brand when they see it…. but they need to see it first. If they make it to Google and start looking for the best surgeon or doctor in your field, they need to see you on the first page to know that you’re an option. Imagine that you saw a commercial for a snack that you wanted to try. If you went to the store and you can’t find it, how likely are you to buy it? If you’re not on page one of Google, you’re not an option, and you will only get the consumers that directly search for you. We want to make you the clear choice for anyone who has “buyers intent”. If they’re searching for the procedure that you specialize in and they’re in your geographic area, they are a possible patient, and we want them to see work to make sure that you re the best and most prominently displayed option available.